FOOD Shouldn't Complicate Your Life!

Get off of that dead-end diet trend and start enjoying REAL, clean food so you can live life freely, actively, and with a renewed clarity!

Get Ready To Kick Your Sugar Cravings To The Curb

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Stop Looking to “Magic” Pills and Powders!

Clean eating isn’t about giving you one simple “trick” that sets your eating habits straight. I know you’ve seen the ads about the instant results you can get from this supplement or that tea…

…but none of those things hold any merit, they just DON’T work. You start using them with specific results in mind just to wind up feeling sad and disappointed in yourself, even though it’s not even your fault!

Clean eating requires you to have patience with both yourself and the process.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting to take interest in a cleaner lifestyle or you’ve been working toward it for years, cleaning up your diet means allowing yourself time to go through the necessary changes.

You’ll make mistakes and you may slip up here and there, but if you stick to the step-by-step plan that I’ve set up, gaining a cleaner way of eating is just around the corner.

Right now, you’re struggling.

You’ve genuinely tried your best to create a healthier way of living and eating for yourself, but you’re stuck. Each day, you…

  • Search for new ways to invent tasty and nutritious meals, but you’re always hungry again shortly after eating
  • Wake up feeling tired and groggy, even when you hit the sheets early
  • Dread going to the grocery store because you’re never really sure if you’re buying nutrient-dense foods
  • Give yourself more “cheat days” than “clean eating” days
Clean Eating
Wellness and Clean Eating

You know it’s taking a toll on your health…

You’re noticing…

  • You NEED coffee, energy drinks, and other forms of caffeine and sugar just to get through the day
  • You’re constantly thirsty, there’s no water content in anything you’re eating
  • Your stomach is constantly stuck in knots after meals, digestion is actually painful!
  • Your skin doesn’t have the healthy glow that it should, instead it’s dry and flaky or acne-prone

You’re deeply dissatisfied with the way things have been going in regards to your eating habits, but what are you supposed to do about it?

Stop Dieting and Start Eating REAL Food!

Wellness Coaching
One on One Coaching
Get individualized, personal coaching sessions to assist you with the most difficult challenges!
Wellness and Clean Eating
Free Resources
Go to my blog for the latest recipes and articles to help you lose weight and keep it off!
Clean Eating Online Programs
Self-Guided Programs
Learn at your own pace. Get lean, healthy, and confident, while feeling nourished, satisfied, and vibrant.

You’ve already done the whole dieting thing, you’ve tried it and it didn’t work.

Don’t be that person who does the same thing over and over expecting a different result. It’s time to do something different and make a permanent change in your life…

something that offers


With holistic health coaching you’ll receive the materials, resources, and most important, the SUPPORT you need from myself and a community of others. With all of these things at your disposal, you’ll be able to nourish your body with clean, whole foods, discover hacks that make healthy eating a snap, and replace old habits with a new attitude!

Imagine how you’ll feel when you can:

Most of all, think of how good it will feel to no longer feel chained down by the consequences of poor eating habits!

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Meet your coach

Living Nurtured

My name is Ritcha Garrett, and I’m a certified holistic health coach. I love helping others reclaim their health through clean eating and making healthier lifestyle choices. I am certified through The Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Precision Nutrition.

Ritcha is amazing. She is so invested in her desire help people feel better and be better... She's sharing her gifts and there is nothing better than that.
Catherine B
Ritcha offers great support and is very knowledgeable! She guides you individually so you can become the best YOU! I learned about clean eating and how to incorporate it into my life! I now have new recipes and I am a huge fan of kale and spinach smoothies, which I thought I would never like! The amount of information and support you receive makes the reset worth while and helps transition you into a very healthy lifestyle!
Jodi M


Get your FREE Kick Your Sugar Cravings To The Curb.

Get Ready To Kick Your Sugar Cravings To The Curb

You work hard, and you are stressed and tired. Three reasons why you deserve that sweet treat, right?

The GET READY TO KICK YOUR SUGAR CRAVINGS TO THE CURB GUIDE will help you make the right choices for your life without feeling deprived or tired. Find TRUE, NATURAL energy!

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