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Creating a More Inclusive Workplace: Lessons from Diversity and Inclusion Leaders

I recently came upon a compelling video by Franklin Covey, All of Us, that left an impression on me. The video was from their Unconscious Bias Course that was created for leaders and has a focus on diversity and inclusion. I found it inspiring and hope you will too. In the video, a simple exercise using color circles was used to group people based on their perceived identity. The leader then posed thought-provoking questions, revealing how our preconceived notions about someone are not always accurate. This exercise highlighted the importance of communication that is transparent and honest, as it can help us create genuine connections with others whom we may not have initially thought we could relate to. Overall, the video was an excellent example of how we can build meaningful relationships through respectful and authentic interactions. As a Holistic Health Coach and small business owner who focuses on overall wellness in all areas of life, I feel this is a wonderful way to bring unity to a diverse group of people in the workplace. 

 The video’s utilization of color circles serves as a helpful visual aid to inform attendees of their assigned group. Once people received their designated color circles, they instinctively scanned the room to locate fellow group members. In unfamiliar surroundings, it is natural to look for others to associate with and I feel the color circles made it effortless. The music playing had a soothing effect, creating a comfortable atmosphere, and the leader’s tone was captivating and trustworthy, which was a compelling approach to foster a sense of unity. Respect was conveyed towards all individuals, with a sensitivity that created a promotion of equal opportunities to connect with others.  

When the attendees first arrived at the event, they seemed unsure about what it entailed. However, as the event kicked off and the leader started asking personal questions, their expressions and body language began to relax. I admire the range of gestures and expressions displayed by everyone, and their ability to be accepting without being judgmental. Unity, or lack thereof, is seen in our facial expressions daily. I feel this is an important concept to understand because our body language and facial expressions speak volumes.  

Throughout our lives, we tend to be grouped based on varying factors such as our race/ethnicity, age, gender, personal style, size, religion, job, and financial status. However, it is crucial to acknowledge that despite these differences, we are all connected in ways that we may not even realize. Whatever your beliefs are about diversity and inclusion, we must agree that our values play a significant role in our society. By implementing these initiatives in the workplace, we can foster a welcoming environment that embraces people of all backgrounds and experiences, leading to a culture of respect and understanding. It is essential to recognize and appreciate the unique differences that make us who we are while also discovering commonalities that build unity. By strengthening our relationships, whether at work, school or in our communities, we can create better opportunities for everyone. 

I wanted to share this on my blog because I feel it is a vital part of our wellness journey, to be accepting of others. I also want you to know that I promote a loving and accepting atmosphere for my former, present, and future clients. We make choices about what we do, where we go, and who we communicate with daily. Though I do not have employees other than myself, I believe that if leaders would implement an event like the one in this video, we would see more unified workplaces with a ripple effect throughout our communities.  

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